Putin: "Everything is a Lie."

I am totally against the war. I do not support any politician or any side.

Putin: "Everything is a Lie."

Last night I met Vladimir Putin in a vivid dream encounter. 

In a dank and darkened room I stood in a circle of eight men and women all dressed in casual apparel. A single dusty lightbulb glowed dimly upon the silent unknown gathering with all heads bowed toward the stone floor of this disused warehouse. 

Sat to the left of the group on a lone black leather couch Putin stared out disinterested into the darkness. He wore a black suit and tie with a white shirt. Although clearly visible the people were completely oblivious to Putin's presence in the room with them.

The silence was broken by a man in the gathering; 

"Everyone is consulting the wrong journals for answers. This is as pointless as turning to medical information for military advice. There can be no answers." 

enthusiastically replied; "I had been thinking the exact thing today!" 

I hurriedly left the circle and sat down next to Putin to discuss this with him. I touched the coarse fabric of his suit with my hand and saw the pores on his face as I leaned in closely to repeat, "The world is looking in the wrong place to find the answers". 

We sat silently together looking into the wide open space of the room where the walls were out of sight due to the gloom and shadow before us as Putin paused to reply. Putin nodded in agreement and said;

"It's just like climate change. The world will not be destroyed by a climate disaster. Everything is based on a lie."


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