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Joy in all our Tribulation

Joy in All our Tribulation I made a post on Facebook yesterday that received an unexpected amount of attention. With the many comments and also some I read on the shared posts (time of writing 147 shares), I could see my original post needed a simple clarification. But much more than that, an encouragement for the days in which we are living. So just to clarify, what I observed outside the supermarket yesterday was clearly not the prophesied mark, but illustrated it was drawing ever closer, as indeed it has been for decades. But so much more important than all of this is one simple fact. Those who are in Christ Jesus have absolutely nothing to fear whatsoever, come what may. In fact the believer enjoys the exact opposite of fear - and that is the peace and joy of heaven itself. We can laugh and be exceedingly glad through any trial. Jesus was the most persecuted and yet the most happiest man alive. As we follow Him in everything we become like Him. We receive everything that is of Him,