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Romans 13

The big question is will we refuse to follow government regulations that contravene God’s laws? When government goes against the Word of God we MUST NOT follow them. There is no Biblical precedent for following dictatorial government when it constrains men and women of faith to sin against God. Time and again we read about the heroes of faith who stood in the face of the elite leaders of their day and refused to bow the knee in surrender to their godless whims. Romans 13 – the passage written by the Apostle Paul about submission to the authorities – is often regarded as the proof text amongst church pastors and leaders for submitting to government no matter what. It is important to note that Paul does not state that God approves of corrupt government, godless leaders, or unjust legislation, and neither does he mean for Christians to blindly submit to these over the law of God. Indeed Paul often found himself arrested, beaten and imprisoned by the authorities. O