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Will you STAND with us and PRAY?

Will you STAND with us and PRAY for the work of Trumpet Blast Warning? TBW is sounding out an urgent rallying trumpet call to awaken the nations out of their slumber–it is preparing the peoples for the gathering storm. TBW is not about a book – it's about a message – a warning message –   and that warning message is beginning to move into other forms of communication too, in speaking engagements, radio and internet interviews, and also through various social media platforms. Recently part of an interview Jason did received over 6,100 views on YouTube in just one day. As a result, during the month of March, double the amount of books went out and into the homes of people across the world! Praise God! Trumpet Blast Warning is opening the eyes of the blind. It is exposing the fruitless works of darkness. (Ephesians 5:11) TBW is venturing into territory where people and nations have been shrouded in darkness through clever propaganda techniques for decades.  Li