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Free Chapter from Beyond Earthly Realms

Chapter 3 – Beyond Earthly Realms Antichrist Rising It was during this time the Lord showed me that the underground Chinese church was a critical part of His end-time strategy for world evangelisation.  He revealed that at the appointed time, during a great global upheaval and persecution, the Chinese underground church would be released, or more accurately propelled, into the world as a direct result of political pressures. Chinese Christians would preach the Gospel with unprecedented power and success in obedience to a heavenly assignment. Millions of souls would be drawn into the saving arms of Christ.  The Lord showed me that this was the reason why the Chinese church had undergone such terrible persecution. This time of trial had turned many Chinese Christians into a seasoned and well-trained army of Spirit-filled, Christ-centred saints.  These believers would be totally unwavering whenever they encounter opposition. Their persecution and troubles had be

The Writing Is On The Wall

The writing is on the wall. That well known idiom used today comes from an ancient event that took place around 540 B.C. It was recorded in the Book of Daniel. Its meaning for us today is that a negative event is easy to predict based on the current evidence. That my friends is why God quite literally woke me up in the night back in 2009. My world crumbled when I realised that nothing was actually as I thought. I'de been duped by the mainstream media, unable to see that the evidence revealed clearly something quite different from what was being portrayed. Awakened to the truth, I immediately wrote to high level leaders to warn them of the impending danger. Years of intensive research followed, and then a further two years of my life spent frantically writing a book to warn anyone who might listen – and believe me when I say I could have been doing something else with my time! This was no flight of fancy, this was no hobby. It was hard graft, most nights up late and into th

Ein Klima der Angst schaffen

Kapitel 4 Ein Klima der Angst schaffen Lass niemals eine ernsthafte Krise unbeachtet. Was ich damit meine: Es ist eine Gelegenheit, Dinge zu tun, die du zuvor für undenkbar hieltest Rahm Emanuel, ehemaliger Stabschef von Barack Obama Wir stehen an der Schwelle einer globalen Transformation. Alles was wir hierzu brauchen, ist eine richtige Krise, und die Nationen werden die Weltregierung akzeptieren David Rockefeller Am Ende des letzten Kapitels haben wir uns angesehen, wie die Regierungen ein Klima der Angst schaffen, um eine Atmosphäre der Folgebereitschaft gegenüber Veränderungen zu erschaffen, die normalerweise innerhalb der Gesellschaft nicht akzeptiert werden. Wie wird diese Angst nun erzeugt? Durch welche Mechanismen verursacht eine Regierung so eine Art von Panik, in der Menschen darauf vorbereitet sind, den Boden, auf dem sie ihre Bürgerrechte genießen, abzutreten? Die Antwort lautet, durch eine Krise. Die vorsätzliche Orchestrierung einer schrecke

O soul, are you weary and troubled?

Feel imprisoned by life's circumstances? Struggling with Ill-health, depression, anxiety, relationships, grief, rejection, lack, abuse, persecution or accusation? A trial, especially a prolonged one that shows no sign of abating, can leave us feeling discouraged and with no hope of escape. As believers, what do we do when problems arrest our heart and mind? Many of us begin by asking God to simply take them away. But that might not always be the right action to take. When Paul and Silas found themselves imprisoned they responded in a way few of us do today. Imagine the setting.  Paul and Silas were minding their own business while travelling to a place of prayer. A slave girl, troubled by an evil spirit, began to follow them on their journey. For days she hounded them until eventually Paul got so annoyed by the goading spirit in her that he commanded it to leave in Jesus name–-and of course it obeyed and left in an instant!  One thing led to another and a c

18 things you need to start thinking about

Over the years I've been asked many times; "Are you preparing for the kinds of emergency situations you refer to in your books Trumpet Blast Warning and Beyond Earthly Realms?" For example in Trumpet Blast Warning I write: The West is about to be shaken as never before... The current financial crisis is only the beginning. Out of the ashes of the economic ruins a new global financial system will rise...Cash will be consigned to history and the only means to buy and sell will be through a digitised system...  Martial law - the imposition of military rule to maintain order - will be instituted. The burgeoning surveillance grid will facilitate the military takeover... The people, desperate for food, will do anything in order to survive.    Read more > In Beyond Earthly Realms I write:  A societal collapse is coming; the warning signs are all around us. This will be triggered by a combination of key factors, such as the continued abandonment of godly mora