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Italy's Unvaccinated Increasingly Barred from Society

When in England I was asked by a lady how the mission was going. I told her it was going well, but harder with the restrictions. Her response dumbfounded me. She said, “I didn’t know there were still restrictions in Italy.” So for anyone who is unaware, here is some of what people in Italy who refuse to follow the narrative are restricted from doing, or indeed anyone who does not stay up to date with their ongoing jab requirements. A ban on restaurants — having ordered a meal and waiting for twenty minutes we had to leave because we could not show our vaccine status upon request. There was no apology, only an annoyed “This is law.” At another place we were immediately turned away. Again without apology. The people have been sufficiently conditioned to not see the blatant discrimination of perfectly healthy people. I could understand if we had staggered in sneezing, coughing and spluttering with a raving fever. Toilets — my wife went to use one. A sign on the door read ‘Green Pass only.