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Seeing The Wood For The Trees

So here we are - the second of my 'signs of the end times' blogs. So far I'm on my intended target! Today though, before I get started onto the signs I want to bring an all important perspective to this subject. Before we begin I feel the need to establish from the very beginning a vital foundational truth.  You see no matter what the subject we can all to often become distracted from the central point. As the old idiom goes sometimes 'we can't see the wood for the trees'. In other words we've become so captivated by the minutiae that we've forgotten what's of central importance.  I'm a graphic designer by profession, and I'm on the verge of purchasing a much needed and overdue new computer with the latest graphics software updates. Now I know that when that box arrives, and I set it up in my studio, I will no doubt become temporarily excited and captivated by its shiny outer and its super fast inner. But it's not about my new