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Under the Guise of Health and Safety for All

Over one million Israeli citizens had their Green Pass revoked Sunday because they refused to take the third booster shot sparking protests. Access to public places and gatherings will be denied for these dissenters.   From the initial lie early 2020 of a few weeks to flatten the curve, to what quickly accelerated into a global health dictatorship, the biggest human rights abuse in history continues to unfold upon our world — and this is only the beginning.   Israel being a test country for the tyrannical Great Reset, as is Australia with its brutal and shocking descent into a police state, along with Italy too who boasts one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the world. Entering restaurants, toilets and public places, and even the hospital are now being prohibited for those without big brother authorisation through a vaccine passport. I was turned away from a restaurant when I could not show my medical status. But far more disturbing, a cancer sufferer here was denied access to the