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Brexit Special: The Battle for Nation States Has Just Begun

We are living in unprecedented times. The Brexit earthquake has sent shockwaves across the planet. Populist movements are rising up across the earth. The elite vision for global governance hangs in the balance. But don’t think they're just going to let their dream slip away into the night.  The battle for Britain’s freedom and its sovereignty and the freedom of the nations has only just begun... Join me this week as we explore Brexit, its impact, the plot to stop it, and the future of the European Union: will it crumble or will it consolidate its dictatorial power? Plus a short message to encourage you in this end time hour! Jason Carter is author of Trumpet Blast Warning and Beyond Earthly Realms . Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. End Time Hour with Jason Carter available on Eternal Radio. Catch up at New broadcast every Wednesday at 9pm GMT and repeated throughout the week. Visit  to see a

Brexit Aftermath

Is Germany and France using Brexit  to I mplement European SUPERSTATE? Jason Carter (29.06.16) The decision made by the British people to leave the European Union looks like it's going to accelerate full EU integration of the remaining 27 EU nations.  Headed by Germany, they are seizing on the opportunity to fulfil their vision to create a fully fledged superstate. Under draconian proposals EU nations will have their armies, criminal law, taxation system and central banks relinquished and transferred to Brussels.   A French-German memorandum entitled ‘A strong Europe in the world of uncertainties’ was released by a Polish broadcaster on Monday. The document is said to be authored by French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier.  The nine-page memo comes after the British voted to leave the EU. In the paper, Ayrault and Steinmeier allegedly wrote that both “Germany and France have a responsibility to strengthen solid