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Kapitel 1 Eine Himmlische Begegnung „Im Traum, im Nachtgesicht, wenn tiefer Schlaf die Menschen befällt und sie auf ihren Lagern schlummern, da öffnet er das Ohr der Menschen und besiegelt seine Warnung an sie...“ Hiob 33, 15-16, Gute Nachricht Bibel Manche Träume vergisst man und an andere wiederum kann man sich sehr gut erinnern. Dieses Buch ist das Resultat eines Traumes, den ich nie wieder vergessen werde – ein Traum, der meine komplette Weltanschauung und damit mein Leben verändert hat. Bevor ich den Traum hatte, war ich ständig mit dem Herrn beschäftigt und hungrig nach mehr Tiefgang in den Dingen des Herrn. Tag für Tag habe ich nach mehr von Gottes Gegenwart gesucht und erlebte trotzdem noch keinen Durchbruch in meinem Leben. Eines Abends ging ich seufzend ins Bett und sagte zu meiner Frau: „Ich muss den Herrn mehr suchen und noch besser kennenlernen!“ Was ich nicht wusste war, dass der Schrei meines Herzens innerhalb weniger Stunden beantworte

One False Move to Ignite World War 3

One False Move to Ignite World War 3 Jason Carter, September 23, 2016 Russia and China will soon rival the US in power and might. US hegemony is coming to an end. Around the world various flash points could ignite into a global conflict. One false move could start a third world war. According to experts our planet is closer to a catastrophic world war than at any time in 60 years. There are so many places across the earth where hostility could flare up within a single moment. China and Russia will soon rival the U.S. in military and influence. American hegemony is coming to an end and its the inevitable economic collapse could precipitate this decline.  It is said that China will become the new economic power within 20-30 years and when you become the economic power you become the leader politically. Many believe China’s rise to power will lead to a confrontation between China and the US.  The Vice Premier for People’s Republic of China said: “In the future, direct confrontation betwee

Counter Terrorism Advice for Churches

Counter Terrorism Advice for Churches Terrorism experts fear Islamic terrorists will target churches in the UK. It comes as the risk of terror attacks on British shores is believed to have been increased since two Islamic State terrorists brutally murdered Father Jacques Hamel in his church in France (1) , and also after the more recent Islamic suicide bomber attempted to blow himself up during mass in a Catholic church in the Indonesian city of Medan. When the bomb failed to detonate, the 18-year-old pulled out an ax and slashed the priest’s arm. (2) Watch excerpt from End Time Hour with Jason Carter on Eternal Radio New counter-terrorism advice urges churches to prepare for similar attacks, including learning how to identify a semi-automatic weapon, how to challenge a suspicious person and how to take cover in the event of gunfire. Churches are described as “easy targets” in the new measures, which are being issued amid fears an attack “is coming.” The guidelines, ca