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The Writing Is On The Wall

The writing is on the wall. That well known idiom used today comes from an ancient event that took place around 540 B.C. It was recorded in the Book of Daniel. Its meaning for us today is that a negative event is easy to predict based on the current evidence. That my friends is why God quite literally woke me up in the night back in 2009. My world crumbled when I realised that nothing was actually as I thought. I'de been duped by the mainstream media, unable to see that the evidence revealed clearly something quite different from what was being portrayed. Awakened to the truth, I immediately wrote to high level leaders to warn them of the impending danger. Years of intensive research followed, and then a further two years of my life spent frantically writing a book to warn anyone who might listen – and believe me when I say I could have been doing something else with my time! This was no flight of fancy, this was no hobby. It was hard graft, most nights up late and into th