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God or Government?

God or Government? When Covid mania swept the world many churches swiftly capitulated to their governments and the World Health Organisation despite this being a key warning in scripture that both government and big pharma would be involved in a massive deception across the world. Many churches revealed the foundation upon which they ultimately put their trust. But to this day many refuse to accept that faith was put in anything else other than God. When all the while faithless theologians came out of the woodwork to expound upon what the Bible ‘really’ meant when it spoke about protection against deadly pestilence. So also a well respected evangelist made the outrageous and blasphemous claim that Christ would have taken the vaccine. Christ the healer that is. The Christ who did not ostracise the leper through social distancing but touched his rotting skin and made him whole. I don’t know what Christ that evangelist was referring to but it certainly wasn’t the one described in scriptur