God or Government?

God or Government?

When Covid mania swept the world many churches swiftly capitulated to their governments and the World Health Organisation despite this being a key warning in scripture that both government and big pharma would be involved in a massive deception across the world.

Many churches revealed the foundation upon which they ultimately put their trust. But to this day many refuse to accept that faith was put in anything else other than God. When all the while faithless theologians came out of the woodwork to expound upon what the Bible ‘really’ meant when it spoke about protection against deadly pestilence.

So also a well respected evangelist made the outrageous and blasphemous claim that Christ would have taken the vaccine. Christ the healer that is. The Christ who did not ostracise the leper through social distancing but touched his rotting skin and made him whole.

I don’t know what Christ that evangelist was referring to but it certainly wasn’t the one described in scripture. But if that wasn’t enough both the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Pope Francis elevated taking the vaccine to an act of holy virtue by accusing those refusing it as being immoral.

Hate was intentionally stirred up by the mainstream media working at the behest of governments to vilify those refusing to follow the narrative. It was the narrative that turned families and friends against one other, not those speaking out. But those sounding the alarm were the ones accused of causing the division. It was those who simply cared for the well-being of family and friends who were repeatedly denigrated by governments and celebrities via the mainstream media.

The MSM conditioned the masses to shun and hate those speaking out. It was a necessary strategy for the globalists to divide in order to conquer and to continue their wanton wickedness by silencing anyone exposing their evil lies.

The ongoing mass casualties and deaths caused by the jab is repeatedly denied or goes unreported by the reprehensible mainstream media. It is therefore ignored by the masses as baseless conspiracy theory and still considered fake news to this day.

I began to warn right from the start how the jab would firstly be used as a weapon to strip the people of their bodily autonomy — a fundamental freedom in any democracy. Make no mistake, it is the height of authoritarianism when a government believes it has the right to inject a pharmaceutical against a persons wishes or to manipulate them into doing so.

I warned that a coming mandatory vaccination was an unacceptable option in a democratic and free society and that mandatory vaccination by stealth through blackmail and shaming was the worst kind of coercion we have seen in our lifetime.

I was ridiculed by those who get their information from the TV that sits deific in their homes. Some retorted, “You would take antibiotics wouldn’t you?”

This was clearly not the same. Anyone can obtain long term safety data and side effects are known while Pfizer wanted to hide their genocidal evidence for 75 years.

Secondly people were not being forced and shamed into taking antibiotics, and neither have antibiotics been used to strip a person of their inalienable rights. People were segregated from society in a bizarre medical apartheid experiment unless they took the shot. Did that happen with antibiotics? I think not.

I lived in Italy during the height of the most draconian restrictions ever imposed upon European Union citizens since its inception.

As the sanctimonious mainstream media repeatedly preached its equality message, people were banned from entering the post office to pay their bills.

I could not walk into a bank, take a bus ride across town, get a train, or even leave the island on a boat.

I was there when the region head unashamedly announced his wish to ‘flamethrower the unvaccinated’. Was he removed from power for his hateful rhetoric and incitement to violence? Of course not. He was simply aiding the support of the narrative to spread discord, extort more people into getting jabbed and to shame those who refused.

I was there when the government punished millions of workers by ending their employment for not following the narrative.

I was there when a frantic single mother told us how she took the jab against her better judgement.

She had to support her young daughter but became so ill after taking it could not work anyway.

I was in Italy when I had Covid and desperate people came to catch it from me. In contracting the virus they could obtain a six month immunity passport, keep their job a little longer, continue to feed their families and organise to flee the country.

I was there in the thick of it watching the people suffer. I attended the groups of fearful people meeting in darkened areas of the island as they hopelessly discussed fighting against the prevailing powers overshadowing them and their children.

I was there when a cancer sufferer was refused treatment because she did not want the jab.

I was there when a priest announced to his congregation there was an unusually high percentage of young deaths on the island. He had no idea as to why, totally dumbed down by the official narrative.

I was on the Island when a young man dropped dead in a cafe and another fell dead off his bicycle both from heart attacks.

I was there when three tourists died suddenly, one on the boat en route to the island, another sunbathing and one in a house — all in a single day.

I was in Italy when family members told of horrific injuries, paralysis, blindness, internal bleeding, seizures and near death due to taking the jab.

I was there when my wife’s friend announced her ‘period’ mysteriously restarted at over 60 — one of many known adverse events from the jab.

I was there when she later told us her brother suddenly dropped dead of a heart attack in front of his children just days before Christmas.

I was there when the people who refused the medical procedure were banned from leaving the island.

I was there when a friend with others were detained by police because they escaped the island on a private vessel.

I was there when my calls for prayer support were ignored by those who just did not want to know. The Church at large was simply not there.

I was there in the middle of the struggle when I was told the Church should not talk about these things because it causes division.

I wept many times in those days but not for myself. My joy was complete in Christ. I cried for the silent Church that should have spoken out, but rather swept the evil under the carpet as though it was not happening. Even denying it to this day. I wept as the Church disregarded the human rights abuses and mass casualties unfolding across our world.

Tragically the Church turned a blind eye because the mainstream media turned a blind eye.

Meanwhile the Church got on with creating fancy livestreams and impressive TV studio like shows to entertain their now pyjama watching flocks as they ignored the helpless cries of millions around the world.

God loves the Church. His only desire is for it to wake up, for it to come completely out of the systems of this world, to repent, and to trust fully in him and thus be ready for the coming of his Son. But how can it repent if it does not believe it has sinned in this regard?

I know this message is a hard one to accept. But Christ in the book of Revelation called out the Church repeatedly in the longing hope that it would repent and hear what the Spirit was saying to the churches.

For some reason it is acceptable in the Bible to call the church out, but unacceptable for anyone to call the Church out in present times. Many churches do not want to hear. Those warning the Church are accused of judging or of being vain.

But the Church must stand for truth and righteousness. While it ticks all the virtue signalling boxes of this dark world including proudly displaying the Ukrainian flag on its doors, it has little or nothing to say about other injustices. Because it’s messenger the mainstream media cares not to highlight anything that does not aid the global agenda.

How about the horrendous suffering of the Chinese people where elderly women are inhumanly placed in quarantine boxes in the street and men are whipped or bound in tape by hazmat clad ‘health workers’ in scenes reminiscent of a dystopian horror movie. Where are the Christians jetting off to China to help? It is all totally ignored by the Church.

As China undergoes the harshest and cruelest kind of human rights abuses, all under the guise of health, western governments, the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates et al praise the Chinese Communist party for their excellent pandemic response. Authoritarianism is clearly the way forward for those drunk on power and control.

Largely the Church remained silent as Western politicians revealed their true tyrannical colours as they feverishly imposed harsh rules that harmed and persecuted the people in ways that the worst despotic leader in history would envy. The Church turned a blind eye even when our brothers in Christ were imprisoned for refusing to bow.

The Church was silent because it believes and follows whatever narrative is propagated by the mainstream media. The Church cares about what the mainstream media tells it to care about. When the MSM says jump, the Church jumps.

I am not saying the Ukrainians do not need help. What I am saying is the Church at large did not give Ukraine a single thought in its decades of turmoil until the mainstream media began to play its hypnotic pied piper tune.

Anyone daring to highlight this glaring hypocrisy is accused of siding with Putin or of supporting the death of innocent lives. But this is yet another mainstream media instilled narrative to scare voices into silence. It is the exact same psychological conditioning that silenced apposing voices during the height of Covid. Anyone who spoke out against the established narrative were accused of not caring that people were dying. It worked. Many were bullied into silence.

The Church should answer to all evil but largely responds to what is fashionable, what does not offend and is culturally acceptable. Churches were emptied during lockdown. Leaders and congregants alike didn’t bat an eyelid, scuttling off home despite the admonitions of Hebrews to not forsake meeting together because we know the day of His return is drawing near. When they did eventually reopen at the permission of their governmental overseers some even became vaccination centres!

A Church that heeds and responds to the MSM narrative is little more than a state run church, it cannot be God’s. Even sin, hell, holiness and repentance hardly get a mention these days. Because these truths are diametrically apposed to the so called inclusive ideology that pervades our society and tragically many churches today.

Churches believe it is unchristian to offend and cause division. But the message of the Bible is most assuredly not inclusive. It is totally exclusive. It is about following only one way. Christ. But that idea alone is now repugnant in our society today and sadly in so many churches too. The gospel is not politically correct. The true gospel will always offend people. It is why Jesus said he came to bring division and not peace to the world. A half baked gospel will do nothing to change lives and will have no impact on society either.

So called seeker-sensitive churches are merely churches who have capitulated to the culture of the day. If people get offended let them leave, don’t mollycoddle their unregenerate ways. Too harsh?

Many who listened to Christ found his teachings difficult too. They just walked away. They were entertained by Christ until he called them to change. You see, there’s a difference between hearing and actually doing.

Jesus asked his disciples, “Will you also leave?”

They were true followers. They knew there was nothing else in this life and could only answer, “Where would we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

Today tyranny has and is being accepted as the new normal. It goes largely unnoticed as society has been so conditioned. Like the boiling frog analogy it slowly simmers away until it is too late. For many it simply is not enslavement to government. They have been so conditioned to love their servitude. They see government as the benevolent caregiver bringing freedom to all and doing its utmost to save lives. Our children will know no difference. For them masks, more vaccines for whatever virus follows next, social distancing rules or ‘righteous’ wars will become the norm. They will have no idea they are under any form of oppression at all. They will become obedient little slaves and those who speak out will be seen more than ever as mad, tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists that need shutting up and imprisoned for their hateful rhetoric.

God forbid, this is not intended as an attack on the Church of Jesus Christ. It is simply meant as a wake up call, to come out and be separate and to repent of its worldliness before the end and Christ returns for his pure and spotless bride.

They who have ears let them hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. 


MumOfMany said…
Amen brother amen absolutely truth!

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