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The divine release of heaven upon those who are hatefully accused

Have you ever been concerned about your reputation? Do you ever get preoccupied with what people have said about you?  Jesus, being God, had the most perfect character among men. Yet when he was wrongfully accused he did not retaliate. He did not try to vindicate himself. Imagine that! If we had been in Jesus shoes wouldn't we have wanted to prove to our nay-sayers that we were innocent?! But never once did Jesus feel the need to do that! Never once did he feel threatened! Ev en when false testimony was made against him, he remained silently peaceful! Wouldn't that have been the perfect opportunity for him to proclaim who he was, and tell those accusers that actually, they were the ones in the wrong, they were the ones in error!? No, rather Jesus humbled himself, he became like a servant, he rendered himself of absolutely no reputation at all! He who was everything basically became nothing for us! Friends, by steadily fixing our gaze on Jesus Christ, we too can sh