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Preparing for the Storm

Is it time to make preparations for the storm?  This weeks End Time Hour looks at biblical principles for surviving harder times; 18 helpful hints for living through trouble; Also is Russia preparing for war with Europe? Is the worst financial global crisis in history going to be triggered in the next few months? Germany's migrant rape crisis spirals out of control; A Temple Mount earthquake. The preparation for a third Jewish temple - 'no longer a dream' according to Temple Institute, plus an encouraging message for this end time hour. In the account of Noah we can learn the two basic principles of survival; Prepare a storm proof home for you and your family (Genesis 6:14-16) Stockpile all the food you need (Genesis 6:21) Other examples I would like to draw your attention to can be found in Proverbs 31 and Mark 13. If we follow the plan laid out in Proverbs 31 we are told we will actually laugh at the future knowing we are fully prepared for what is to come. (v25, AMP, NL