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The Joy of Heaven in the Day of Battle

I have a real knowing from the Holy Spirit that now is the time for the believer, God’s people everywhere, to aggressively, to tenaciously focus on the Lord amid all trouble - internal and external. It is an absolute imperative. No matter how wearisome or prolonged that trial may be.  The reality is that ‘His joy is the believers strength’ (Nehemiah 8:10) and that is no matter the circumstance. There can be no excuse. His divine and equipping strength is available to all. Jesus imparted this empowering joy to every believer at the new birth. Thus the Christian is equipped even for the fiery trial. It is why James could say, to consider it pure joy while facing trials, because he knew it produced spiritual maturity, whereby the believer resulted in lacking nothing. (see John 15:11; James 1:2-4) This joy of heaven experience, this spiritual maturity, is an evidence that the Christian is indeed a true follower of Christ. However, the onus is on the believer to act in order to receive.  Ma