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The Metaverse – Come Out and Be Separate

The Metaverse  –  Come Out and Be Separate It is time for true believers everywhere to draw a line in the sand with social media giants and their push for a transhumanist world, along with the vaccine passport for digital control of everyone on the planet. Humanity is getting sucked into this fake world that is being forced upon it by the engineered fourth industrial revolution, The Great Reset agenda, a merging of humanity with a virtual existence. The Metaverse  is undoubtedly technologically impressive, but it is decadent and devoid of any life.  Therefore “Come out from among them And be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, And I will receive you.”  2 Corinthians 6:17 As the elite shut down humanities ability to travel in the real world through Covid-19 and future climate lockdowns, quarantines and air travel restrictions, they give them a virtual platform to travel and live in.  The Christian's place of existence is in a real reality, the one created by God,

What foundation is the Christian really standing on?

What foundation is the Christian really standing on? I have a prevailing concern in these days. It is coming from the heart of God. Some believers do not stand upon the solid rock that is Christ Jesus. If the believer makes anything else their foundation they will not stand in the evil day. But of far greater import they will not be ready for the Lord, be it when He comes on the clouds of heaven, or when their earthly tent expires and they meet him face-to-face.  All other ground is sinking sand. Biblical knowledge or the ability to understand deeper things is not evidence of knowing God. Labouring for Him is also not evidence of this divine fellowship. Hating the wicked or seeing their works as abhorrent is not a sign of friendship with God either. Using certain bible versions does not impress God or bring the believer closer to Him. Using His Hebrew name is also not a mark of their union with God. Critiquing other believers, denominations, or church groups is not an indication of hol