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I will not bow

I will not bow In a world of lies and spiralling deceit I will fight for truth and righteousness to the death and it may just come to that.  I will never trust godless politicians or the mainstream media above a holy God and His Word.  I couldn’t care how many don’t go with me. I don’t care who believes I am deceived. Why would I care for the opinions of TV soap watching, Netflix subscribing Christians who think going to church is following Christ? What discernment would they have to judge me?  I will gladly look like a deceived fool to a sleeping world or a snoring church who takes their truth from the very system they should be utterly apposed to and who have allowed wicked government into God’s holy house. As a believer I will never adulterate myself for a single second by partaking in the sinfulness of this world by engaging in television, for by it believers prostitute themselves to the gods of this age and are utterly deceived by it.  I will not listen to anyone but God and those

Italy's Dystopian Nightmare

 Italy's Dystopian Nightmare Two English words I hear frequently in Italy — ‘Green’ and ‘Pass’.  Today it is now impossible to use public transport, board a plane or boat, stay in a hotel, eat in or outside a restaurant or get a coffee in a bar. In February this will be extended to the banks and the post office too.  The lives of the unvaccinated are being systematically destroyed as they incrementally lose their livelihoods and all their civil liberties.  Where regular PCR testing was once permitted that option has now been largely removed. The government announced last week that vaccination for people over 50 will be mandatory from February 15. Non compliance will result in a €100 fine. I was ridiculed last year, “It won’t become mandatory Jason”. These people are in denial or at best incredibly naive. Even in a public square it is not permitted to speak or perform.  Many of the unvaccinated keep a low profile as politicians, virologists and Pope Francis vehemently denounce them.