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Trumpet Blast Warning - Concise and Updated Edition

The Concise and Updated edition of Trumpet Blast Warning is finally available! The Concise and Updated edition of Trumpet Blast Warning is finally available! Written for those on the go. It includes the latest on propaganda and fake news, world government, creating a climate of fear, government sponsored terrorism, advancement of the EU superstate, the rise of Islam, antichrist spirit, occult practices of politicians, one world religion, cashless society, surveillance, persecution, WWIII, Third Temple and a new chapter on the Migrant Crisis and how it is changing the face of Europe and aiding the globalist blueprint. This is a stand alone work to the original, but after having read it, the reader may find themselves eager to read the complete unabridged version! After experiencing a dramatic wake up call Jason Carter began a period of intensive research about the connection between end-time Bible prophecies and contemporary events on the world stage. The results of his intensi

Can you see the vortex?

While recording End Time Hour on Tuesday 24th January, the Lord gave Jason Carter the following important message concerning a spiritual dynamic surrounding the election of President Trump in which he saw a vortex swirling in the sky above and on the earth below. Can You See The Vortex? "Can you hear it? The sound of heaven touching earth!? Can you hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches? Oh friends, the Spirt of the Lord is upon us, because he has anointed us to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed and to proclaim that the time of the Lord’s favour has come. Friend a door is open in heaven. A door is open and it's a door no man can shut until the Lord decides to shut it. Can you see the vortex in the sky? Can you see the swirling mass as a portal opens up as heaven touches earth? Can you see the providence of the Lord upon America?  Don’t be with the nay sayers. Don't be with the hard leftist-li