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What Government can we trust?

Have you lost all faith in our politicians? Can you believe a single word they say? Maybe you’re angry or disappointed with the government? Today many people are fed up with the same old, same old. It’s true isn’t it. No matter who comes to power nothing changes and society sinks ever deeper into chaos. Covid-19, rising energy bills, skyrocketing food prices, economic collapse, a failed National Health Service and the possibility of nuclear war have left a people tired, fearful, depressed, and hopeless. In the yearning for a brighter day people put their faith in government, but then despair when politicians defer on their promises. It is a sad fact that our government is unable to deliver. Certainly Number 10 is not our hope. In fact it will never be the vehicle to see change in our nation. So where is the hope? At Christmas time many stop to reflect upon the past year. There’s a vain hope that maybe next year will be better. Christmas is a time observed by an estimated 2.8 billion pe