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Facebook will remove or restrict access to any content

Facebook will remove or restrict access to any content from October 1st 2020 I said this day would come. What I have been warning of since 2009 is now taking place all across the planet. In disbelief people would ask, "If all that you're saying is true then why are you not being censored?" But since this global crisis began I, along with other Facebook and YouTube friends have been censored multiple times, and along with many others with wider audiences have been completely de-platformed recently and over the last few years. But those who disbelieved back then continue to disbelieve now. Wow. The level of conditioning is absolutely shocking. I now know there is actually nothing that will open their eyes to the tyranny that is unfolding before them. Many times I announced on my End Time Hour broadcasts that Chinese style censorship of the internet is here. Today that censorship continues to be gaining pace exponentially. The book burning days of past dictatorships is mo