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Free Chapter from Beyond Earthly Realms

Chapter 3 – Beyond Earthly Realms Antichrist Rising It was during this time the Lord showed me that the underground Chinese church was a critical part of His end-time strategy for world evangelisation.  He revealed that at the appointed time, during a great global upheaval and persecution, the Chinese underground church would be released, or more accurately propelled, into the world as a direct result of political pressures. Chinese Christians would preach the Gospel with unprecedented power and success in obedience to a heavenly assignment. Millions of souls would be drawn into the saving arms of Christ.  The Lord showed me that this was the reason why the Chinese church had undergone such terrible persecution. This time of trial had turned many Chinese Christians into a seasoned and well-trained army of Spirit-filled, Christ-centred saints.  These believers would be totally unwavering whenever they encounter opposition. Their persecution and troubles had be