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No entry without Green Pass'

No entry without Green Pass' This afternoon I went to one of the few places the unvaccinated are still allowed to enter — the supermarket. As I walked through the streets it was disturbing to see the flagrant discrimination boldly plastered on many store fronts 'No entry without Green Pass'. Unlike France, Australia, Canada, the U.K. and other nations where hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets in regular protest against the mandatory medical procedure, Italy’s protests have been fewer, resulting in what is now one of the most draconian countries in Europe.  Home to the authoritarian Catholic religion and globalist puppet Pope Francis who has secretly met with Pfizer CEO on a few occasions and with Melinda Gates at the Vatican, and who calls the vaccination 'a moral obligation', it is no wonder that liberty cannot flourish here. It has resulted in the removal of basic human and God given rights by an unelected EU stooge Mario Draghi who holds great sway ov