The Greater Enemy - A Vital Warning Message to the Church

April 15th, 2020, Jason Carter

The invisible enemy continues to wreak havoc across our world. But a far greater peril looms visible in plain sight.

An existential threat to all humanity rises. But the locked-down masses sleepwalk oblivious. They binge-watch Netflix, with phone, death-gripped in hand, vacantly surfing their virtual existence. Others sit engaged, long into the night, squinty-eyed, in Xbox fantasy conflicts. If only they would stand up to fight the real battle poised to snatch them away. Like addicts, the masses inject mainstream disinformation, a fix that lasts only a moment before the need to return for more. Promulgators of fear and deceit are the once trusted broadcasters, demoralising the populace into a defeatist and cowering mindset.

The dumbed down ones believe that once the curfew is lifted, life will return to normal. Only few understand it will never be the same.

Of course a veneer of normality will be viewed by those who wilfully choose to close their eyes to the chilling reality. They will sigh a relief and run headlong with frantic enthusiasm just as the hamster spins on the wheel in its imagined freedom.

Meanwhile the true threat lurks ever closer. Like a nightmare stalker it waits to suffocate the unsuspecting sleeper.

The likely Wuhan lab-edited cold virus will return more lethal than before. In inequity it was engineered, by those who soled their souls long ago. Bounding eagerly behind the deadly pestilence an excited lapdog mainstream media, drunk on its own fear-mongering, terrorises the populace into further submission.

With every crisis global enslavement of the citizens moves ever closer into actualisation. A rising police state, mass surveillance, and martial law scenarios are willingly accepted by a society driven by fear of catching a virus. The pre-conditioned civilians look to their saviours, waiting with baited breath for a vaccine to eradicate the killer.

If only the masses understood history. They would know that a 1976 Swine Flu pandemic was used to initiate a frenetic vaccination programme. It ended in killing and paralysing perfectly healthy Americans in its wake. Incidentally the pandemic totalled four cases and resulted in one fatality. If the masses would just briefly study the Swine Flu pandemic scandal of 2009, maybe they would begin to open a sleepy eye. The World Health Organisation projected up to 7.4 million could die. It did not happen. The W.H.O declared influenza pandemic is now a documented hoax and the Council of Europe agreed they caused an international panic and disaster by declaring the ‘mildest flu ever’. W.H.O worked in tandem with Big Pharma to terrorise a trusting public. They rolled out a dangerous vaccination programme that harmed the lives of thousands, leaving them with serious and chronic health disorders.

With this information maybe the masses would put less faith in these self-appointed messiahs of humanity and resist inoculation.

But tragically they will not study history. Their attention span has been conditioned to reading and sharing anecdotal memes.

The virus is everywhere, purports the anchorman, even contaminating the money. ‘Come forth cashless society’, they pronounce. But there is more. Oh Yes, there is much more.

A vaccination certificate tattoo heralds a new tomorrow. With it global travel and commerce can begin once again. Another so called conspiracy theory openly discussed by Fauci, Gates and their ilk across all major networks. Once considered invasive, now the panicked masses hang on the purveyors every word and wait to receive the tattoo embedded into their hand. The problem, reaction, solution paradigm is in full swing. The people breath a sigh of relief imagining their next package holiday.

Few speak out, not daring to utter what they instinctively know to be true. But when they do, at once the head-buried masses pull themselves from the sand and basely decry ‘Conspiracy theory! Conspiracy theory!’, before quickly recoiling to their sightless position, lest they spot some truth to challenge their utopian delusion.

But it gets worse. Those who profess Christ ignore the clear and present danger. The Church remains silent as do the clarion warnings of the Apostle John. His revelations fall on deaf ears. But the Church has been told. John still cries from beyond the grave; “Do not take the tattoo that will vanquish your soul to outer darkness.” No one hears him. The parchment of old revealing that the whole world will be deceived by pharmaceuticals lays trampled underfoot. Alas! Few have ears to hear or eyes to see. “Yet more conspiracies!” the Christian parrots, showing themselves to not believe in the Word of God they so claim to profess. They are conditioned by a secular mindset, instilled by endless years of TV brainwashing.

A handful of awakened pastors protest, understanding the times. Only to be arrested and derided as fanatical end time conspiracy theorists by CNN and their deceptive cohorts. Largely the Church cheers on in agreement - disciples of the news, rather than disciples of the good news.

In the face of a global Church shutdown they see nothing untoward. Their mantra is the governments - safety at all cost. So quick to acquiesce with no questions asked. “Isn’t it good,” they naively cry; “We can reach so many more online”. How little do they understand. Their online church, streamed on godless platforms can be darkened in a moment. While those watching at home can be surveillanced and forcibly dragged from their armchairs under new ‘quarantine’ laws. In the name of health Christians will one day be legally disappeared.

However, by then it will matter not. A shining remnant will remain. A representation that mirrors the troubled and persecuted church of old, with believers who the apostle Peter and Paul would be proud to call their own. Those saints will rise amid great tribulation with healing in their hands. They will pursue truth and valiantly declare it from the rooftops. They will pursue souls and ultimately pursue the One who redeemed and set them free. They will love not their lives in the face of certain death and be prepared to lose it all to follow Christ to the very bitter end.


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